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The Diva Dog Experience

Diva Dog Pet Grooming is a boutique salon located just outside of Guelph Ontario.  We pride ourselves on providing high quality services and a wonderful experience for both pets and their owners. 

We work with all dogs, young and old, anxious and calm and everything else in between. We ensure all staff are fully trained on working with dogs of all temperments and along with that will work with you the owner to create a custom schedule to help train your dog and work through any issues they may have. A wonderful and easy overall experience is our goal for every human and animal that comes through the salon.

About the Owner Stephanie

A bit of background to start...

Stephanie graduated from Northern College in 2008 with honours in Animal Grooming and Verterany Assistant.

She started working at Diva dog in 2008 and took ownership in 2014 and thats where her story truely begins.

 As the Boss Lady of Diva Dog Pet Grooming her passion for dogs and perfectionism in technique has created a thriving salon that leaves pets and owners coming back for more.

As a mom of 2 boys and a little girl and 2 doberman fur babies. Stephanie is used to a busy household, and uses her parenting skills with the dogs as well! This means she knows exactly when your dog needs a snuggle break and when they need a little tough love. By knowing how to work with all temperments of dogs (and kids) she is able to work with many dogs that have been turned away from other groomers.


Boss Lady

Our Team

About the Staff


Julia has worked with dogs of over 15 years. Starting out many years ago working in boarding kennels. She took a break to be a stay at home mom to her 3 kids and learn the amazing skill of photography (get ready for some super cute photos to come of your pets!) But realized that her heart really is meant to be working with dogs.

When she got her own dogs she knew she had to find a fantastic groomer and Stephanie at Diva Dog fit the bill. Her 2 Shih tzu Mixes both graduated the Puppy Program and loved going for their grooming visit every 6 weeks.  One day when Stephanie happened to be ready to have her third baby,  Julia realized that she needed some help. She helped bath and dry her own dogs and from that moment on she knew that Diva Dog was her home too.

Julia is extremely excited to continue her journey into mastering grooming. 


Assisstant and

Groomer in Training

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