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Three French Bullgod Puppies

Puppy Training Bundle

Why do puppy training for grooming?

I love the idea of teaching puppies about grooming the proper way in a language they understand. Mind you it is not always kisses and wagging tails, we deal with many problem children. some who other groomers will not touch or have problem grooming. Our proven formula for teaching puppies has worked for many years now. That is the way it should be done.

What does it include?

Our Puppy Training Bundle includes 3 weeks back to back coming in once a week for a Bath and Tidy Session (this includes a bath, dry, brushout, nails trim, paw trim, face and sanitary trim).

At pick up at each groom we will give you some homework to work on during the week to help with any of your dogs insecurities.

At the end your dog is a graduate of our program and receive a graduation certificate!

This is a high discounted bundle because we know how valuable it is for your dog.


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